Pasture to Plate

About Us

Bringing people together, with food

Oliana Foods is an Australian-owned company that sources and selects the finest ingredients from around the world, providing Australian homes with a wholesome food experience, from pasture to plate.

With a combined total of over 60 years experience in the food industry, the creators of Oliana came together in 2009 with a vision; to craft an inspiring culinary landscape, bringing the world to your kitchen table; bringing people together, with food.

From Pasture to Plate

With strong ties to the Mediterranean, most of our ingredients are sourced from the islands of Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France and Morocco.  That’s not to say our sourcing is limited to these areas; we aim to use only the finest foods, and this core value is what guides us in our search for a food experience, from pasture to plate.

At Oliana, we are committed to taking care of the land and preserving the artisanal methods of production; we are committed to providing food that encourages people to appreciate their sense of taste, smell, and sight; we are committed to encouraging people to connect to one another, over good food, good wine, and good company; we are committed to bringing people together, with food.