Smettila stronzetto!

July 8, 2012

We have just arrived in Sicily to visit the vines from which our tomato products grow. As a kid, I remember running around my Nonno’s veggie patch, having him yell Italian obscenities at me and then laugh, as he’d try to sweep me away with his rake. It’s a very similar feeling being here… You’ve never seen the look of TLC until you’ve seen Sicilians caring for their fruits!  My first visit to the vines, I see the artisanal methods used in their cultivation and production. It’s truly amazing! All the tomatoes used in our Passata and Semi Dried Tomatoes are handpicked, ensuring each is firm, ripe, and of good colour.  They are then hand washed and go through another process of human scrutiny.  Being here, I understand it when people describe the secret ingredient as love.